Plans for the Future

I have rough plans for what I would like this blog to develop into, obviously nothing is set in stone and things will change and evolve as my real life does too. Though at the moment I am planning on having 3 main kinds of content which I will break down below:

1) Research Interests: I will, probably once a month, publish a piece on my current research. It is my hope that this will be well thought out, current and of a decent length. It will be referenced and hopefully may attract some attention

2) Sid Meir’s Civilisation VI series: Due to much of my research being focused on Civ VI anyway, I am considering doing a weekly or bi-weekly post on a particular element of the game I feel is worth discussing. Such as examining the portrayal of a particular civilisation or a gameplay mechanic which warrants closer examination.

3) General Musings: Miscellaneous thoughts and opinions on wide-ranging topics covering pretty much everything that can be slightly called video-games and history related. These will be of varied length depending on the topic and will be posted whenever I can think of anything I want to post about.

Obviously I may end up posting things which do not fit within these 3 categories, but my current plan is to stick with these until my blog and my research develops further.



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