About Me

I am John, a 23 year old MA History student living and studying in the absolutely beautiful medieval English town of Winchester. I have a passion for both History and Video Games and therefore figured, why not combine the two?

This blog has been started as a way for me to develop my ideas and hone my abilities as well as more generally a place to put down my stream of consciousness to try to make sense of it all. I hopefully plan on developing the blog as my research progresses!

Once I have completed my Masters Degree, It is my hope to go on to complete a succesful PhD examining some of the complex intricacies of the relationship between Video Games and Historical practice. Following which I will hopefully continue to research and potentially even teach in this field (fingers crossed).

If you have any thoughts, comments or querys please do get in touch, my contact details are:

Email: Hopley35@gmail.com

Twitter: @UKHistoryGamer

Thank you for taking the time to check out my humble blog!